Call Elizabeth for a free telephone consultation on 07912665513.
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Sunflower Therapies Canterbury
​​ Welcome to  Sunflower Therapies
Hypnotherapy in Canterbury, Kent 
*Free online consultation*
My name is Elizabeth and i am a hypnotherapist based in Canterbury. It takes a lot of courage to seek help when you need it and often when someone reaches out to a therapist, it is usually the first time that they have spoken to someone about their problems. If you would like help with something in your life that you would like to change, then please be assured that i offer a private and confidential hypnotherapy service.

Visit my therapies page to see what i can help you with. If you can't see your specific problem then send me a message and i will let you know if i can help you or guide you to someone who can.

By changing your thoughts and feelings about yourself you can take back control over your life. 
Our behaviours and beliefs are learned as we grow up and develop. The events and circumstances that you experience as you grow up shape your own beliefs about yourself and the world. And because they are learned beliefs, they can be unlearned. 

I also offer Tapping sessions to help with a variety of problems from anxiety to pain and upsetting memories. This way of working does not involve hypnosis. It involves tapping on Meridian points to help promote physical and emotional healing.
My therapy service is completely sunny, confidential and private.
It is important that you choose a Professional Hypnotherapist that is Qualified, Supervised, Insured and subject to a Code of Ethics. I am a member of the Hypnotherapy Directory and the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy which ensures that i am properly qualified. 

I invite you to send a message or arrange a free telephone or online consultation so that you can discover if hypnosis is for you. I always reply to clients messages, so if you don't hear from me then please check your junk mail. 

​I accept all major credit cards.

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