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 Stress and Anxiety
Thousands of years ago the fight or flight response was handy when we needed to run away or defend against prehistoric creatures, hot running lava and attacks from other cave men. This reaction is our body's natural response to danger. It served us well in the past ensuring the survival of the human race. However, in these modern times we don't face the same dangers as we did in the past but we have still retained the fight or flight response.
In other words, the ancient response system has adapted. This natural reaction still continues to search for perceived threats. Yes indeed, our clever subconscious still looks for threats to our survival in the most unusual and inconvenient places. 
Such as when sitting an exam, making a speech, doing a presentation or going to a job which you don't particularly like. In fact, if you find yourself in any situation that you don't want to do but have to do which makes you feel stressed or anxious then bingo! Your subconscious detects a threat to your survival and a whole load of symptoms kick in to stop you from doing that thing that you don't like. 
You will suffer from a lovely array of symptoms which include nausea, headaches, upset stomach, rapid heart beat, insomnia, mystery aches and pains and low appetite. All these symptoms are the clever subconscious trying to stop you from putting yourself in harms way.

However, for some people, the stress response can have a profound effect on their everyday lifes. The ancient fight or flight is working a bit too well for comfort and so this is where hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can help you.

When you come to see me I will teach you excellent stress reducing techniques and coping strategies. You will learn to recognise why you are feeling anxious and be able to deal with it in a quick and effective manner. Whilst under hypnosis you will benefit from relaxation, positive suggestion and visualisation. I will even teach you self-hypnosis which you can use for  the rest of your life for all sorts of situations.


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