Call Elizabeth for a free telephone consultation on 07912665513.
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Slim Via 
Initial Consultation               £70.00 
Hypnotherapy Sessions   £70.00 
BWRT                                          £70.00
OldPain2Go                            £80.00
Smoking Cessation           £200.00 
Slim Via Hypnosis              £320.00  
Hypnoband                            £320.00
Banish Anxiety                     £350.00
  Private Hypnobirthing    £125.00
Group Hypnobirthing        £75.00
Card Payments Accepted

​Cancellation policy can be found at the bottom of the page.

Booking An Appointment

Payment is taken in advance of your appointment. This ensures commitment to your therapy session.
All major credit cards accepted.
24 Hours notice of cancellation is greatly appreciated. Please see my cancellation policy for more details.

Privacy and cancellation policy
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