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Make Positive Birth Memories

​A very warm welcome to HypnoBirthCoach.

My name is Elizabeth and i am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist with a special interest in supporting women to achieve a positive birth experience. I cover Canterbury and surrounding areas in Kent. I would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy and this exciting chapter in your life. You will find Hypnobirthing to be beneficial to both you and your baby. During your pregnancy, feel supported and reassured by understanding how your body works, learning special birth breathing techniques and being able to harness the power of your mind so that you are calm and in control of whatever birth situation you may find yourself. 
By learning the Hypnobirthing methodology, you will find that actually, there is no need to worry. In fact, you can let go of the fears and anxiety surrounding birth and just let your body do what it is naturally made to do. Which is of course to give birth easily, naturally and confidently.

*It is important that you choose a Professional Hypnotherapist that is Qualified, Supervised, Insured and subject to a Code of Ethics. I am a member of the Hypnotherapy Directory and the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy which ensures that i am properly qualified.

*Please be aware that there are many hypnobirthing practitioners who have not undertaken professional hypnotherapy training. Currently in the UK there are no laws regulating hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing.  
Certificates will clearly state hypnotherapy qualifications and this can also be checked through the official College that was attended. Practitioners will always be happy for you to check their professional hypnotherapy qualifications.  

BWRT for Birth Trauma priced at £70.00 per session
Brain Working Recursive Therapy can be used for fears, phobias and anxieties surrounding birth. This is a fast and effective therapy which does not use Hypnosis and works with a natural physical brain response to disolve a problem. In many cases, issues can be resolved in just one or two sessions. It is also content free which means you do not need to talk about upsetting events or issues that are causing a problem for you in your present life. Please call me for a free telephone consultation if you would like to explore if this therapy is for you.

3 Hour hypnobirthing Course-Group £75.00/Private £125.00
This lovely little 3 hour course is great if you want to learn all about Hypnobirthing in one day and has all the essential elements that you will need to be able to Hypnobirth. You will learn Self-Hypnosis, visualisation and relaxation techniques as well as how to use your breath to assist you in the first and second stage of labour. You will also learn about the uterus, freeze, fight and flight response, the hormones of pregnancy and the birth partners role. I also teach a special tapping technique to help ease stress and tensions. Birth partners are welcome to come along too.
As part of the course you will receive a Hypnobirthing book, relaxation mp3 downloads, hypnosis relaxation scripts and of course the support of your teacher throughout your pregnancy and birth.
This course may also be delivered in the privacy of your own home.
This course is great to use alongside an antenatal course.
 *Be prepared about childbirth and have a positive birth memory.

*Confidence in your body's abilities to birth easily and efficiently​

*Breathing techniques which aid in birthing your baby. 

*Guided visualisation to help you before and during the birth of your baby.

*An understanding of how the body works during the first, second and third stage of labour.​

*Your birth partners role.

*Learn about Endorphins and encourage the release of your body's natural pain relief.

*Massage techniques to reduce the need for an Episiotomy.

*Relaxation skills that will benefit you for a life time. 
You will receive a Hypnobirthing Book, relaxation mp3s, relaxation scripts, positive birth affirmations as well as support from your teacher during pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Private Hypnotherapy Sessions priced at £70.00
If you are experiencing anxiety during your pregnancy or your birth plan has changed because of an induction, c-section, breach baby , needle phobia or you just need to relax, then hypnosis can help you mentally prepare and take back control of your thoughts and feelings. You will be able to talk about your pregnancy and any issues you may have in a non-judgemental and supported environment. This can be at your own home or at my clinic room in Canterbury.  Hypnotherapy is particularly great if you are feeling stressed for any reason or just need to chill out. Oxytocin and Endorphins will be flowing afterwards.

Smoking Cessation £200
If you or your partner have decided to stop smoking then i offer an award winning quit smoking hypnosis therapy session. This therapy session lasts around 2-2.5 hours and expectant mothers must be at least 16 weeks to be able to book in. If you are worried about smoking and you are finding it difficult to stop then please feel free to call me. My services are completely private and non-jugdemental and a phone call is free. 
Breathing for Birth Workshop
This is a lovely little course to go on if you are not interested in the Hypnobirthing courses. It is a free course and you will learn all about the most important aspect of Hypnobirthing, and that is the Breathing. The workshop lasts around 60 minutes and finishes with a lovely Hypnosis for Childbirth relaxation which you will receive as an MP3 to take away as well as a handy guide which covers what you have learned. Discover how breathing in a certain way can help you relax, connect with your baby, reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy and learn how you can be in control of your body when it is time to give birth. Most importantly, learn how to breathe your baby out. Look out for details of the next course or contact me for more information.

  1. Sunday: Sept 8th, 2019
    One Day Hypnobirthing Course
    Venue: Spring Gardens Clinic, Canterbury. 2 spaces left.
  2. Sunday: Oct 6th, 2019
    One Day Hypnobirthing Course
    Venue: Spring Gardens Clinic, Canterbury. 10am-13.30pm
  3. Sunday: Nov 10th, 2019
    One Day Hypnobirthing Course
    Venue: Spring Gardens Clinic, Canterbury. 10am-13.30pm
  4. Sat: Sept 14th 2019
    Birth Breathing Workshop
    Venue: Spring Gardens Clinic, Canterbury. 13.00-14.00pm Free
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