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  1. Stop Smoking
    Yes you can stop smoking. Click on the link to find out how hypnosis can help.
  2. Stress and Panic
    See how the fight/flight response was great if we met one of these in the past.
  3. Confidence
    Regain your confidence and start living your life to the full. Be a more confident you through hypnotherapy.
  4. Habits
    Stop bad habits such as nail biting, grinding your teeth and many more. Send a message to see how i can help you help yourself.
  1. Social Phobias
    Social phobia is a fear of social situations that involve interactions with other people. Overcome your fears by sending a message to see how i can help.
  2. Weight Control
    Loosing weight can be a frustrating experience for many people. Believe me, i've been there myself. Hypnotherapy can help you reach your goals.
  3. Exam Nerves
    Butterflies in the tummy, racing thoughts, sleepless nights and a blank memory are all signs of exam nerves. Find out how I can help you look forward to exams.
  4. Goal Setting
    Whatever your goal may be, whether it be professional or personal such as improving your life, hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals.
  1. Hypnobirthing
    Hypnobirthing is a valuable technique which will empower you to have a positive birth experience.
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