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Slim Via 
Slim Via Hypnosis Canterbury
Let's face it, there are many diets and eating plans out there and if you have tried them, lost weight and gained it all back again then perhaps Slim Via Hypnosis is a better approach for you. Slim Via Hypnosis is a new weight loss therapy and i am pleased to offer it at my Canterbury clinic.

It is a step by step 4 session weight loss program where you will begin to understand how your lifestyle, eating patterns and negative thinking patterns around food affect your weight.

People often wonder why i offer a weight loss package.
I have found that people who book a complete package are more likely to succeed with their weight loss goals rather than booking just one or two sessions. This is an investment in your wellbeing and future health.

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP you can empower yourself to make better choices regarding lifestyle changes and food. You will find that you can change and reprogram old patterns of negative thinking. Imagine how you will feel when you discover your waist again, or being able to go to the shops and fit into the clothes you are trying on. It is so worth it.

Diets are a 'no no' according to Slim Via Hypnosis, if you deprive yourself of what you like, then chances are you will go back to your old eating habits. I help my clients find a more balanced approach to eating food. It is not the end of the world if you have something unhealthy from time to time. As long as you have made sensible changes to your eating habits and you add a little bit of exercise then you Will lose weight.

Le arn to recognise when you are full and also to understand the whys and whens of when you do snack or make unhealthy eating choices.

You will learn to have a more measured response when eating the foods you love and you will also establish prefered eating habits which will last for a lifetime. But you do need to put the work in and you really must want that new healthier slimmer you.  

Say goodbye to old unhealthy habits of eating and welcome your new healthy eating habits. So, whether you want to lose a few pounds or a bit more, Slim Via Hypnosis can help you acheive your weight loss goals one step at a time.
Slim Via Hypnosis is over four sessions each lasting up to 90 minutes each.

You will be provided with 4 x magazines which contain lots of helpful information including self-hypnosis. 

4 x hypnosis recordings to listen to at home between sessions.

4 x food logs which you will bring to your sessions.

Free posters and information sheets to keep you educated and motivated.

Easy exercise suggestions.

*It may be necessary to contact your GP before starting any weight loss therapy. If you are unsure then ask your GP.  Of course, this is with your permission.

Investment in your health.    £280.00.

Weekly payments available. 

Do you often plan to start your diet tomorrow, only to discover that 'Tomorrow' rolls into the next day and the next? If you are having a battle with your will power and sabotaging your weight loss plans, then hypnoband can help you get back on track. Hypnoband is a non-surgical weight loss system which uses a combination of CBT and Hypnosis to retrain a person to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. Hypnoband is suitable for people with a BMI of over 25.
Hypnoband is over 4 sessions. The first session is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes . You will receive all paperwork and hypnosis recordings to listen to at home. 
I am a licensed Hypnoband practitioner.

Investment £280.00

Weekly payments available

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